Provides Your clients the ability to book appointments quickly, and easily by SmartPhone, Tablet, or Computer

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Residential, and commercial clients are provided a password protected appointment booking site, and panel. Options include text, and email appointment reminders, and text messages after completion.

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If your client awakens to snow, all they need do is open their panel on any device, and get on your schedule, with the click of a couple of buttons. Weather alerts can keep you, and them informed, so your clients may either plan, or react.

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asset protection

If your client's occupation, or schedule keeps them on the road, and they can't see, or respond to your local weather, this system will keep both you, and them covered.
If you have clients with Summer homes, or Winter cabins, this method will keep the snow under control, even if they can't see it coming.

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Weather Warnings

This system provides personalized pages for registered clients that combine local weather predictions, as well as real time satellite images. These will provide your clients the ability to decide when to book an appointment. Panel options can also include home security webcam surveillance images.

How Our System Works

Personalized appointment booking panels include the options to book the next available time slot, or to pick a specific day, and time among the remaining time slots. If their home requires special needs, the system can accommodate, by providing a client with a "notes" section, with each appointment made.

Businesses with high traffic walkways can book repeated de-icing trips to keep walkways, and parking lot easements clear of ice.

The system also provides special attention to the needs of your clients with Summer homes, and Winter cabins. If they are concerned about upcoming storms, they may request that the system keeps them informed, when a storm is approaching, or has dropped more than a specified quantity of snow.

Although we will not be specific on this web page, or until we are discussing the system's options, with a potential contractor client, this system possesses options tailored to specific business types that would benefit greatly. These options improve a contractor's ability to attract an increased number of commercial clients.

Equipment Types for All Needs, and Surfaces

Regional Weather Imagery, and Weather Warnings

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Northwest revolving radar

The image above contains current animated radar images, for both rain, and snow.

The image above will will provide current updates about regional precipitation rates, in both rain, and snow.

The image above will will provide current updates about temperatures, with real time, for both day, and night.

The image above will will provide current updates about severe weather alerts.

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Telephone : Provided to registered clients only

Texting : Provided to registered clients only